Introducing this blog

Hello! I figure it’s important to post a bit about what in the world this blog is for. In January of 2014, my husband and I saw an awesome piece of property in central Massachusetts. We decided to buy it. It ended up being really complicated. I figure it might be nice to document that process all the way through. I’ll have to catch you guys up a lot to cover the last two years. But eventually we’ll be caught up to the present moment and I’ll be able to post as things happen. Because they’re still happening.

The glimpse of where we are now: we are working with our second architect for house plans. We’re feeling super optimistic and awesome about this architect. The subdivision road is partly done, but the hope is to finish it this summer. Between January 2014 and now, we have had to handle: learning the nuances of buying raw land, meeting with the town planning board, creating a subdivision, building a subdivision road, considering chicken coops and vegetable gardens, building a fire pit, fun with trail cameras, dealing with spring flooding on hiking paths, way more thorns than anyone would want, and our friends buying their own farm eight miles down the road.

Whew. There’s a lot to catch you up on. The photo above is one of the first pictures I took of our eventually-to-be property. There will be plenty more photos to come.