Chugging along

In the last month the interior framing has been completed and various other elements are going in. The plumber has been plumbing . Here’s a summary:

  • Frames of walls done
  • Plumbing lines are in
  • More dirt in the front lawn
  • Very nice (small) retaining wall built
  • Roof shadow board being installed
  • Fancy roof elements decided
  • Pylons for porch are set
  • Root cellar roof placed
  • Fios installed
  • Leach field dug
  • Septic tank placed 

Wow. That’s a lot when you type it all out.

Look at all that tape! Sealing tightly.

We have a pretty typical number of bathrooms planned, but there still ends up being a lot of plumbing. Top floor has one bathroom with shower (two vanities, two shower heads). Ground floor has a bathroom with bathtub, washer/dryer, kitchen sink, and island sink. Basement floor has a bathroom, bar sink, and utility sink (on suggestion by the plumber for no added cost as it is next to the pipes in the utility room). Outdoors will have three faucets. 

Leach field prep

You might be wondering why we bothered installing fios at this point. It was a request from our builders because t-mobile has lousy service in the area. It’s pretty awesome that we can get fios at the house in a rural town of 9000 when my current place doesn’t have fios and is in a much bigger city. I’m glad we sorted out the fios though. It took me a month of phone calls to get them to create the order. One of the quirks of building your own road is that maps don’t update fast enough. Verizon kept hitting a wall when they tried to look up my address. Eventually the right engineer was contacted who updated their database. Good to get that sorted now. It would have been sad to be ready to move in and have no internet for a month while they dithered.

Checking out our framed basement at night

Another mild crazy-making venture is deciding on tile. There are a dozen tile stores in my area. Tiles must have one heck of a profit margin. But we found that many of the tiles we liked were discontinued (never trust that gorgeous tile installed on their floor: it was installed 10 years ago and they no longer carry it). Currently we have chosen a slate from one online company, a marble floor from another online company, guest bathroom tile from a local shop, and I think I’m getting some custom copper tile off Etsy. Yeeesh. I hope it all works together. I’ve basically given up on a kitchen backsplash for now because I can’t bear the idea of having to make more tile decisions.

Root cellar roof

Lastly, I’ll talk about our fancy roof detail. My builders have been very accommodating when it comes to the trim of this house. While we have basic drawings on the architect plans we knew that we wanted fancier detail throughout the exterior (as constrained by budget). So when the builders started planning a straightforward roof rake and shadow board, we had to halt and revise. They have been excellent about thinking it through with us and finding a compromise between aesthetics and cost. I think the effect will be beautiful and completely unlike anything in the region. For now I’ll have to leave you in anticipation of the final result of the roof.

Making our own cedar post for the mailbox