Quick Note

Wanted to share a quick update about the weekend. It was gorgeous outside so we got to spend a lot of time on the land. Justin worked on his fire pit that is nearing completion. I owe you guys a long post about it in the future. I worked on some of the infinite brush and also lazed about. Perfect kind of day for lazing about outside.

I bought one of our friends an air horn for communicating with her husband when he is running a big machine. He seems to have really taken to the air horn though, and was making silly Public Service Announcements at us all afternoon. It was pretty funny. 

We were also testing permethrin treated clothes. We soaked some yard-work-specific clothes, handkerchiefs, and hats in a 0.05% solution of permethrin for two hours, air dried it, then sent it through a light quick wash and dry. Seemed to work fairly well today. Bugs are starting their summer routine and seemed reluctant to get too close to us. Justin and I escaped tick free today. I still think the best strategy is the ol’ socks-over-pant-leg technique. Makes you look ridiculous but has saved me from many enthusiastic ticks. Ticks are an unfortunate part of life in New England with the ever present fear of Lyme disease. Though the vast majority of ticks we’ve spotted have been the dog tick, not the deer tick that can carry Lyme. I’m glad we don’t have many of the other pests found elsewhere in the US. 

Also wanted to finish up with this huge turkey track:

Our road is still a dirt path for now. We often find deer, turkey, and coyote tracks along it. This one was striking for how huge it was. Wild turkey sightings are infrequent enough to be entertaining to city dwellers like me. I see them maybe once a month since I’ve been spending more time outside the city. Funny to think how completely foreign wild turkeys must be to many other people, just as their quirky local fauna would be to me.

Hope everyone has a great spring!


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